A short review!


Jill Tieman

Today I’ve only managed to look at one of the books in the spring bundle offer.  Jill Tieman’s recipe book refreshingly contains a number of savoury baked goods, although I was over-excited to see a chapter on breads, only to be disappointed that many of them were sweet, such as banana bread.  Delicious though this is, I was hoping for more ideas for lunchtime bread replacements, being fairly new to the grain-free world.  Happily, this section does contain recipes entitled ‘Garlic Dill Rolls’, Lunch Wraps’ and the like.  This recipe book has loads of recipes though, along with an explanation/description section at the beginning regarding the ingredients that replace grains plus others such as coconut oil.  Jill discusses soaking of nuts because of the phytic acid content.  I personally would soak for longer than she suggests, as advised by Ramiel Nagel.   Again, chocolate – very high in phytic acid – is used and I wonder why carob is not – I believe it’s the pod that’s used to create carob powder which I don’t think has phytic acid, but I’m still researching that one!

I have only managed to take a look at 11 of the thirty books in this bundle.  For me, although I welcome new recipes, there are a few too many recipe books in the collection.  I have been most impressed with Matt Stone’s 2 books (see my earlier reviews in previous posts)  which I’m looking forward to studying in more depth, and I am also anticipating good things in Sarah Pope’s ‘Get your Fats Straight’.  I have followed her blog for a while now and usually find what she has to say interesting and informative.  She recently shared a post on fats, so I imagine the book is an extension of that post.  I’ll take a closer look at that book tomorrow, and hopefully a few more, so that people deciding whether or not this offer is suitable for them can make a more satisfactory decision.

Click here to view more information and to purchase the bundle:  http://villagegreennetwork.com/spring-e-book-bundle/?AFFID=115896

Please note, this is an affiliate link, so if you purchased, I would receive a commission.


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