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Matt Stone Diet Recovery 2 cover

Diet Recovery 2 by Matt Stone!  I didn’t look at this at first because I assumed it was something to do with weight-loss diets which have not interested me for a very long time, but when I realised it was by the same author as ‘Eat for Heat’ (which I reviewed yesterday), I was suddenly more interested.  For me, both books have new information, which I’m now beginning to get my head around – this book is for people who are confused or disappointed with diets, be they weight-loss or health.  In Matt’s words,

‘“Man I used to know everything about health and nutrition. But then I learned so much I hardly
know anything anymore.” [and]… “If you aren’t confused about health and nutrition then you haven’t
studied it long enough, or deeply enough.”’ (p 24)

Well, I recognise the feeling in both those statements!  Matt maintains that the important factor is raising metabolic rate and he describes what that looks like, how to tell if your rate is low and how to remedy that without medication or outside help.  Just like his other book, he calls for us to listen to our own bodies’ response.  For a long time I have wondered how, on the diet I was on, did I recover from ME/Chronic Fatigue about 10 years ago?  Perhaps the answer is that, without knowing it, I raised my metabolic rate – after years of freezing hands and feet and dry skin, these are no longer a problem.

This book is for perfectionists who realise being a perfectionist isn’t healthy!  What a relief to read:

“Even the act of flip-flopping the consumption of questionably healthy food from an anxiety-inducing
event filled with fear into one of sensory enjoyment is enough to completely reverse the health
outcome of that meal.” (p 30)

I haven’t read any further than there, but am looking forward to reading the rest at a more leisurely pace.  The remainder is the ‘how-to’ of raising metabolism, including sections on food, fluid intake, exercise and rest.

I’ve also glanced at a couple more recipe books: ‘Almond Flour Sweet Treats Cookbook’ by Stacey Duncan – more lovely looking recipes with summaries of the Paleo and WAPF diets and information about some of the ingredients used – those which are not commonly used in baking.  It was good to see information about baking powder and aluminium content.  ‘Awaken:  30+ egg-free and grain-free breakfasts’ by Karen Sorenson – well, I wouldn’t advise anyone to eat an eggless diet unless they had an allergy to eggs.  In my experience general baking is very troublesome without eggs, or else limited.  Karen mostly uses chia seeds or flax (linseed) to replace eggs – currently for me, the jury’s out as to whether or not to use these, but I definitely wouldn’t heat them on a regular basis because of the oxidation of the oils.

To view more information and to purchase the bundle, please click on this link:

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